Supporting All Hands In

By supporting All Hands In you allow us to educate others in the Massachusetts community onthe issue of Human Trafficking. This is our own backyard and we need to train our community in awareness and prevention. In addition, we have begun to work with survivors one-on-one in addition to the Annual Sanctuary By The Sea Retreat we hold for survivors each Fall in Southern Maine. An opportunity in a safe place for healing, prayer, and fellowship at no cost to the Attendee.

Our major focus is to provide a house and residence program for women survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. By joining hands with us, you will help us achieve our goal of turning a house into a home for women.

If you know of a possible house location we could possibly rent, lease, collaborate, or purchase at a reduced cost, please contact us. All Hands In is a 501c3 non-pro!t organization.

You can donate online through PayPal or send checks to:

All Hands In
1337 Massachusetts Avenue, PMB 121 Arlington, MA 02476