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As part of our programs to support women survivors, we have received grant funding for the past 6 years to offer retreats at no cost to the survivor community and their mentors.

Sanctuary By the Sea began 6 six years ago as an annual spiritual/healing retreat on the coast in Maine.  This retreat has become so popular that this year we had a waiting list for women who wanted to attend but we did not have the space.   We build a community together through Bible Study, Prayer, Beach walks and devotions, journaling, art projects, fellowship, food and fun.  We have had women attend who are local in addition to New York State and as far as Texas.

One Day Self-Care Retreat in Greater Boston Area: This retreat has offered Bible Study, chair massage, facial care, dental care and art therapy in order to care for oneself for just a few hours away from the busy world we live.  This was offered to women survivors and caregivers of the women we serve.

Wellness Program/Retreat will be offered in 2020, thanks to a grant from the Malden Jr. Aid Organization. Some of the topics to be included are:  Nutrition, Cooking Healthy, Eating on a Budget, Yoga Therapy and more. Planning to be offered as a spring retreat with a follow-up event.

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